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Edelweiss Rooms

The wider area of Tsoutsouras is located in the southeastern part of the prefecture of Heraklion and has a strong archaeological interest.

It is a beautiful picturesque settlement in the Libyan Sea, built in the homonymous bay.
He holds the location of ancient Inatos, which was the port of Priansos or Praisou.
At Inatos, the goddess of birth, named Eilithiia, worshiped while the cave of which located in the newest settlement.
You can organize a daily boat trip to visit the small settlement called Maridaki, the church of Agios Nikitas, the village of Three Churches and the Koudouma Monastery.
Tsoutsouros has only 115 inhabitants.

For those who are hiking lovers, there is an easy but very interesting hiking route starts on a coastal path with wonderful views of the Libyan Sea.
It starts from the beach of Tsoutsouras and in 30 minutes the path passes through the small settlement of Maridaki or Agios Panteleimonas where you can swim in the crystal clear waters waters of the beach.
From there, walking on a path and a rural road for about 2.5 km you will meet the Monastery of Agios Nikitas where you can see the beautiful palm trees. You can go back just by following the same route.